Monday 22 February 2016

Park Connector (Clementi)

 These pictures could have been sharper if only I had brought along the camera that had the desired capabilities for photographing wildlife.  Alas, I thought I was out for a leisurely stroll by the river along the Park Connector at Clementi last Sunday and carried with me only my lightweight Lumix TZ40 compact camera. Still, better something than nothing and what my pictures lack in terms of super-sharp images, I hope I have at least captured the spirit of the outing when migratory birds suddenly appeared and bees and wasps and butterflies presented themselves in enough numbers to convince me that the insect kingdom is slowly recovering from ill health.

Little Heron making several attempts to get at the fish feeding on pieces of bread
thrown into the water by people from a bridge.
No success at this point.
A small wasp buzzing around a familiar flower.
A pleasant walk by the river. 
Support for an old railway bridge that could be jazzed up by 
our local graffiti artists with the blessings of the government of course.
Patience got me this shot.
Changeable lizard getting wary at my presence.
A lovely butterfly that I have not seen before.

Wasps have waists that are way too small.
A fly posing for me.
Steady hands...
Finally the heron landed its prize catch!
Another one waiting for its chance.
Then a purple heron landed on the opposite bank.
An egret came by to get a piece of the action.
Lovely view isn't it?
I need to dry up my feathers.
Wet feathers and a not so elegant pose.

Right, I need to look handsome again. 
What a lovely day in a lovely place.

Thursday 4 February 2016

Labrador Park

 Labrador Park is one of those parks I like for the reason that it is by the sea. Though the sea view is not spectacular in itself because the horizon is not where the sea clearly meets the sky due to the presence of the numerous ships anchored there, the cloud formation above it sometimes can take your breath away. 

This morning, the weather was rather insipid with no blue skies and white fluffy cotton clouds floating by. Even the wind was half-hearted in its effort to inject some coolness into the hot morning air. But, despite poor lighting for photography and the humidity, Mother Nature never fails to delight.